How to Convince Teams About Management Decisions You Hate Yourself

Being one of the leaders, you cannot talk against management decisions, at least not in front of your team. Unfortunately, it is the middle managers or leaders that need to convey the unwelcome news. In this Quartz article, Scott Steinberg shares tips to convince teams about management decisions that you yourself do not like.

Delivering Management Decisions

Management decisions can be drastic at times and middle managers cannot help but convey those. Be it a mass layoff or merger, your tone should never betray your feelings. Following are the ways you can convince teams when you are not supportive of the management decisions yourself:

Prepare for the Talk: Sit with the management and discuss all the questions that your team might ask. Keep all the required documents, like charts, ready. Ensure the documents are clear-cut and explain exactly what you want to say. Allocate some time for your team to ease to the new situation. Find out a place or time of the day when you can cushion some of the blow. Practice in front of the mirror to appear calm and empathetic when the time comes to convey those management decisions.

Be Supportive of Management: Your body language or choice of words should not betray how you truly feel about the management decisions. Let your team understand how long it took for the management to come to terms with such a step. You should be open to discussing the situation further.

Be As Accurate As You Can: Even if your teammates do not like the news, they at least deserve to know the actual picture. Tell them accurately about the management decisions and they will appreciate your honesty. If not now, they will later. Explain to them what made the top executives take such drastic measures. If you are not clear about the situation yourself, convey that too. Ensure that you convey any new developments that come your way.

Let Them Know What You Expect from Them: If they are the first batch to know about the management decisions, tell them what you expect from them. If they have questions, they can approach you instead of listening to rumors.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://qz.com/work/1697473/how-to-tell-your-team-about-a-management-decision-you-dont-agree-with/


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