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How Introverts Fare Better as Leaders Than Extroverts

Introverts are never the first choice for companies as far as leadership goes. However, their weaknesses are the very traits that make them more eligible for the coveted position. In this her blog article, Lolly Daskal explains how introverts fare better as leaders than extroverts.

Introversion and Leadership

A leader should know how to manage people and get things done. Extroverts are outspoken and can make friends faster. These two traits convince companies that they are the best candidates for leadership. Below are the characteristics that make introverts fare better as leaders than extroverts:

Listening to People More Than Talking: Extroverts naturally like to talk a lot but introverts listen more. This allows them to concentrate more on what is said. As a result, they can identify underlying issues faster. What’s more, they can spot false reporting or fake emotions easily. Being patient listeners, they also bond better. Since listening is the core skill of communication, they are inherently ready for the leadership role.

Providing Valuable Inputs: The loudest person might not always bring the best ideas. The ones that think over the problems quietly produce relevant outcomes. When others have failed, the quieter ones discover the way.

Thinking Deep Before Speaking: Extroverts usually talk throughout meetings because they love to say what they think. Introverts process all information silently. So, they are more likely to reach a long-term solution than a quick fix.

Not Feeling Awkward When Silent: Silence can be nerve-racking, especially when you are in a crisis. Introverts do not feel awkward during silent moments. It becomes easier for them to analyze things.

Being Empathetic: Extroverts are inherently dominating. This trait makes their team filled with followers. Introverts are humble and do not like overriding others, even if they are low in the hierarchy. This creates a long-lasting bond of equality and trust.

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