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Hiring an IT Project Manager? Here is How the JD Should Be

Writing job description is not mission-critical or rocket science, but it helps in bringing the right profiles and candidates to the organization. An effective job description covers the primary functions of the role, the major tasks to be carried out by the position holder, and the skills required to perform it.

In this article at Get App, Lauren Maffeo explains that the project managers play a major role in the growth of small IT ventures. They bridge the gap between the clients and organizations by keeping them updated about the project progress.

Scale Smart

The IT projects have time, budget, and scope constraints that the project managers need to optimize by managing risks involved with the constraints. Smart project managers assess the risks and tackle them with the right strategies.

The IT project manager’s job description is not just an analysis of the role, but it must also address potential future requirements expected from the position. Here is what the hiring managers need to write in the job description to bring the right candidates on board:

  • People Skills: Considering the present business scenario, aim to hire the IT project managers who have exceptional people skills. Their successful past projects with cross-functional teams are their real achievements. The shortlisted candidates must have experience of leading diverse teams from different departments.
  • Emphasize on Agile: Small businesses do not have a lot of resources like big firms. Therefore, the right IT project managers must have enough exposure and experience in agile methodology. Strategize ways to check their agile adaptability.
  • Communication: Poor communication leads to project failure as the process involves enough coordination and communication between teams, stakeholders, or clients. Thereby, communication must top the IT project manager’s job description.
  • Know the IT Nuance: There is a list of nuances in IT to determine business challenges. Before listing the job description, carefully evaluate your company’s present IT needs related to the projects in the pipeline. This may help you hire the right applicant.
  • Documenting Details: Documentation is one of the most crucial elements in the project development and a must-have skill for the IT project managers. Project charters, status reports, risk assessments, and roadmaps are a few documents that the project managers need. Even though multiple software are available for it, the IT project managers must be knowledgeable in documentation and usage of software to store them. Look for the candidate who illustrates these organizational skills.

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