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Dodge the Growth Blocks: Career Advice to Ambitious Women

If you are at a leadership position, your counter-productive behavior may cause you big trouble. However, if you know the problem, you can avoid it and lead successfully.

In this article at Be Leaderly, Tara Jaye Frank explains that counter-productive workplace behavior is making the life of women leaders miserable. Therefore, they need to avoid it and make way for a smooth workflow.

Bypass Challenges

Women in leadership face a lot of challenges from the people they are surrounded with. Yet some troubles they invite for themselves without realizing their mistakes. To counter these challenges, they need to be confident about their ability to nail any job. Here are five things you need to stop doing immediately:

  • Stop Making Yourself Small: Refuse to shrink in a bid to enhance others’ sense of importance. The best way to respect yourself in front of others is by sharing your ideas, lending your energy and support. Never serve anyone by demeaning yourself.
  • Stop Apologizing Constantly: You are not bound to agree with everyone. In fact, women at work tend to be cooperative, holistic and often take a long-range view of business issues. Being the leader, you are fortunate to extend and positively contribute to the company vision, and strategies. Holding a diverse point of view improves your ability to resolve problems, thereby, speak up without hesitation.
  • Do Not Assume: If you assume that a certain task or work is out of your capability, you will never even try to do it. Always hold your head high thinking ‘it can be done, if I want to do it’. Never say ‘no’ to your goals, always say ‘yes’ and honor your desire to progress. If your employer is not supportive, do not work for him.
  • Never Compromise: Do not wait too long to plan a weekend getaway. You need rejuvenation more than men. Plan a ‘me day’ for yourself and focus on your physical and mental healing. Ask the people around you to give you privacy. Remember, good health is the key to handle a tough boss, challenging team members, and shortsighted clients. Take good care of yourself first, so you can reach your full potential.
  • Actions Do Not Define Identity: It is pivotal to know yourself well to align your actions. Job satisfaction increases exponentially when you establish harmony between who you are and what you do. But both are not the same thing. When you attach your self-esteem with work, even a small performance glitch takes a toll on your self-worth. Instead, accept feedback positively to refine your skills and overall effectiveness.

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