CIO Tips to Formulate a High-Quality Exit Strategy

Being the CIO of a reputed firm, it is the duty of the leader to diligently prepare for their exit strategy.

In this article at CIO, Clint Boulton explains the importance of CIOs’ exit without damaging the executive brand that they have cultivated for years. Poorly managed CIO transitions may hamper corporate goals and might lead to unwanted risks for the organization and their own reputation.

Outgoing CIO’s Guide

As the CIOs make a move out of their current organization, they must address the concerns of new leaders and ensure a smooth transition.

Watch Your Steps

The CIOs planning an exit must familiarize themselves with the executive recruiters that can help them identify new opportunities. Here is a five-step exit strategy IT leaders must follow:

  • As per your core responsibilities in the enterprise, help your department by preparing themselves in advance. If you were a contributor to the venture, or simply a technology steward, plan your departure accordingly and hand over everything smartly.
  • The CIOs must learn to balance stakeholder needs with personal aspirations as they exit their companies.
  • Maintain a list of stakeholder’s need and personal ambition to craft an exit plan. This will preserve your reputation and brand value in the firm. Also, inform the stakeholders about your transition and resolve any learning gaps.
  • Brief successors and key stakeholders about ongoing projects’ progress. Hand over your responsibilities to the successor with utmost clarity.
  • Never leave your successor in a tight spot. The prime objective of an exit strategy is to complement a transition that makes everybody remember you during and after your transition.

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