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3 Questions to Ask Vendor Before You Buy a PPM Solution

When all vendors scramble to offer you an ideal PPM solution, you can get confused. What if their ‘best’ solution is not the best for you? In this article at Planview, Elsa Dithmer discusses 3 questions you should ask before you buy the relevant PPM solution.

Choosing a PPM Solution

Create a checklist of features that you want in your PPM solution. Also, shortlist additional ones as per industry recommendations. Remember that the software should not only collect relevant data but also make sense of it. The investment should be business-specific, affordable, and long-term. Do not buy the tool just because your peers did. Below are the 3 questions to ask vendor before you buy a solution:

How Is the Product Perfect for This Organization? No two tools focus on the same functionalities. This helps the vendors highlight the special benefits to their potential customers. So, ask them how their PPM solution is perfect for your organization. Read up some industry reviews to understand their tool-specific terms and benchmarks.

How Will This Help in Executive Decision-making? Find out how often the vendors gather user feedback and integrate them into the development process. One useful tip is that the solution should not need too many training sessions to get used to.

How Fast Can the Solution Start Adding Value? Make a note of what the stakeholders think as value addition for a PPM solution. Choose a cloud tool rather than a standalone device. Seek help from industry experts or consultants to tweak your requirements further.

Once selected, the PPM vendor should provide training programs, customize the solution, and commission some post-sale gifts. The tool should improve your decision-making process over time and speed up the development process.

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