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Why is Strategic Alignment Important for Projects?

Alignment between strategy and execution is essential for any project to be successful. Even ‘A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)’ suggests that projects must be strategically aligned. However, this approach was hardly followed earlier for the projects. If you look back at all the projects executed in the past, most projects began with an objective in mind and their entire focus was to deliver on the goal. But the scenario is different now.

Though not all projects require strategic alignment. Most process changes or work practice improvements can be executed without any strategy links. The projects that could impact business value, customer experience or service delivery must be strategically aligned. In this article at, Mark Mullaly shares his views on how to bring about that kind of alignment in projects.

The Alignment

Projects are essentially the tasks undertaken to realize strategic priorities. Thus, there are desired business outcomes expected out of projects. Strategy talks a lot about resource utilization, budget expenditure, etc. However, strategic alignment is different from these organizational debates. It is about commitment and determination to achieve the goals.

Mullaly shares an example of a recent consulting assignment that he undertook where the major emphasis was laid on the process of strategic alignment as a part of the annual review. However, the reality was quite different. Project managers were focused on something that they wanted to do and justified their cause by linking them to a business strategy they found suitable.

Mullaly further states that a gap exists between strategy and execution because alignment is hard to achieve and execute. Most organizational methods and strategy processes are not in favor of alignment. But that’s what the project managers must work on. They must stress the importance of strategic alignment of projects and how it will benefit the business value and service delivery in the long run.

To read the original article click on the following link:–Very-Wide–Gap-Between-Strategy-and-Execution

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