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What Challenges Can CIOs Face in 2019, the Technology Age?

CIOs are busier nowadays as they must confront several challenges with a cool head. Budget overrun, resource shortage, technology updates, legacy system maintenance, etc. are some of the tasks they oversee. In this article at DeskAlerts, Caroline Duncan reveals the challenges CIOs can face in 2019.

Challenging Times Ahead for CIOs

Market volatility is already making big firms insecure about their future prospects. So, technology-driven companies are relying on CIOs now more than ever. Following are the challenges CIOs can face in 2019:

Role Maturation: Previously, CIOs were worried about their company’s IT operability. Today, more roles are added to their position. More roles mean more responsibilities and more risks.

The IT Role: CIOs must identify emerging technologies that would help facilitate the success of corporate and business strategies. IT is no longer playing a passive role. So, IT leaders must leverage technology to add value to customer demands, process updates, and innovative product and solution offerings.

Driving Innovation: Companies cannot keep selling old ideas in new packages to customers. They must produce something innovative to maintain their market position. CIOs lead this innovation drive by investing in new technologies and understanding new trends.

Improving Communication Channels: If the IT department cannot resolve internal communications breakdown, how will it resolve customer issues? CIOs must ensure that in-house IT systems and communications are up-to-date to serve customers better.

Acquisition of Relevant Skills: Unfortunately, 40 percent of IT workers do not think they get adequate training, as per a CompTIA survey. It is essential for IT leaders as well as IT employees to upscale their skillsets regularly.

System Integration: While CIOs were able to integrate all their systems, some are still struggling to let go of their legacy systems. Irrespective of the enterprise architecture they choose, regular updates are necessary for running a business.

Envisioning the Future: While they are busy mitigating immediate matters, they need to have a vision for the future. Under their leadership, the company will invest in technologies and processes that would lay a firm foundation for the future.

Upholding Security and Privacy: GDPR came into effect to empower and safeguard the personal data of EU citizens. Similar laws will come up in the future which can challenge existing business dealings. CIOs must be there to find ways to protect the company.

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