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Ways to Prove You’re Not an Unproductive Digital Project Manager

To be productive, make a list of what makes you unproductive as a digital project manager. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Laura Bosco shares ways you can prove not be an unproductive digital project manager.

Things You Should Stop Doing

As a digital project manager, you must start practicing new protocols. There are some old habits you must let go as well. Following are the things that you must stop doing to prove you are a productive digital project manager:

Stop Checking Your Email First Thing in the Morning: You are most productive in the morning. Complete some work before checking out the emails.

Stop Being Online on Slack Every Second: Do not constantly be online on Slack. Keep your status busy so that your teammates know when to approach you.

Don’t Keep Your Inbox Open: Not all emails need an immediate response so do not stay logged into your inbox throughout the day.

Don’t Digitize All Your Work: You can write down a project plan without going online. Even as a digital project manager, you can have some offscreen activities like creating page hierarchy, a communications plan, etc.

Stop Keeping Your Phone Near You: Keep your phone out of eyesight. For best results, place it somewhere your hands cannot reach it and set it to silent mode.

Avoid Multitasking: Humans cannot multitask, but some can switch their attention from one work to another faster. So, prioritize your work and stick to the deadline.

Stop Thinking You Have All Day: A digital project manager coordinates with a global workforce and this includes time-consuming casual conversations. Find out the common tasks you perform regularly and the time you spend on them. Manage them accordingly.

Things You Can Do to Be More Productive

Create Interesting Personal Goals: You might not like to update the project status every day. So, gift yourself a coffee break after you are done. This way your work gets done and you are ready for the next task.

Work on Quality and Not Speed: As a digital project manager, enrich every day by working on some quality work. At the end of the day, you feel fulfilled.

Do Something Constructive When You Procrastinate: You cannot avoid procrastination so do something that you enjoy, and you might feel like working again.

Don’t Just Strike Off To-Dos from Your List: Productivity does not mean checking off all the task list items for the day. Prioritize to derive value.

You’re Eligible for a Break at Times: You are not pumped up every morning so cut yourself some slack if you are not your usual self today.

Remember That You Have Human Needs: Beyond the digital project manager label, you are a human being. Remember to eat, drink, stretch, rest, relax, and enjoy the sun.

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