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TED Speakers Are Discussing 8 Emerging Technologies: Find Out

Everyone is excited about emerging technologies and so are these TED speakers. Some are scientists while others are engineers that want to make the future a better place to live in. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder shares 8 TED Talks where the speakers talk about emerging technologies.

When Talks Are Ripe on Emerging Technologies

Thanks to emerging technologies, flying cars from science fiction books can be real soon. Instead of taking the train, you might just teleport from one state to another. The opportunities are endless. Following are 8 TED speakers that would introduce you to 8 inspiring emerging technologies:

Quantum Computing: One of the TED speakers is physicist Shohini Ghose that introduces you to quantum computing. She uses a coin to clarify the key points of the subject. Future applications of this technology are manifold—strong encryption, drug advancement, and information teleportation.

SpaceX and Its 30-Minute Global Flight Plan: SpaceX president and COO Gwynne Shotwell answers TED head Chris Anderson’s inquisitive questions. If you want to know how SpaceX will handle space waste and when you can explore Mars, watch this video.

Self-Driving Cars: Wanis Kabbaj believes that self-driving vehicles are a fitting answer to our ever-growing traffic mayhem. He feels that the more autonomous vehicles become the less time you take to reach office.

Bionics That Empowers Your Disability: Bionics designer Hugh Herr introduces you to bionics. Depending on bionics himself, he shows how this technology addresses three interfaces—mechanical, dynamic, and electric. He claims that the addition of artificial parts will make us sturdier, quicker, and more competent.

3D Printing: Chemist and inventor Joseph DeSimone describes how a 3D printer can build a complex red ball. Though current 3D printing devices are slow, this technology can do wonders in the future. DeSimone says that he was inspired from a scene in Terminator 2 where an object was created just from a puddle.

Touch-Sensitive Wearables: Keith Kirkland observes that humans have analyzed their environment through touch, but current devices lack that feature. He has devoted himself to building devices that will send information through touch.

The AR Headsets: Meta founder Meron Gribetz claims that augmented reality is one of the emerging technologies that multiple industries can leverage. Instead of bending down over a small screen, isolated, you can share your vision across the team using AR devices.

Drones of the Future: Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D’Andrea is working on drones and other flying machines. With numerous use cases, emerging technologies like these can easily be predicted to have productive future potential.

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