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Talent Analytics: The Best Way to Identify, Nurture, & Retain Top Players

Talent analytics is the utilization of data on human behavior, affiliations, and attributes to make the right business decisions.

In this article at Forbes, SV Nathan explains that if the talent acquisition team of an organization identifies a set benchmark and does regular check-ins, it will help them increase the duration of happy employee’s tenure.

Trend Mapping

According to the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, online tools are effective enough in finding jobs and easily reviewing workplaces. People data is empowering organizations to map the ongoing trends. In fact, AI and bots are bringing in exciting new capabilities for the HRs while facilitating the collection of productive data. While talent analytics may prove beneficial in unlocking the power of data, here are some other needs it can easily fulfill:

  • Talent Acquisition: Being a crucial component of high-performance hiring, talent analytics needs historical data to compare with the candidates’ data to form a new trend which is the best fit for the organization. Talent analytics can also reveal the diversity ratio in the firm while identifying challenges within the recruitment process.
  • Training & Development: Talent analytics ascertain if a certain kind of training may yield good RoI or not. It may also help in developing programs based on real-time employee inputs and feedback, even from the remote staff.
  • Employee Engagement: Talent analytics is also known as an organization’s ears due to its listening skills for differing employee voices and analyzing the employees’ well-being. The anonymous and short pulse surveys conducted via talent analytic may uncover the tangible health of the organization.
  • Performance Management: Advanced talent analytics can help in analyzing employee’s ability to identify management challenges, share coaching tips to the leaders, and identify key knowledge management resources, etc.
  • Alumni Management: Talent analytics can help in understanding the purpose of attrition beyond the conventional scope of tenure while retaining the top talent. Talent analytics can even divulge data points to show a career trajectory as an employee leaves the organization and absorb them as boomerang hires.

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