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Smart Ways to Notify Problems to the Stakeholders

If a project has issues and everyone can see them except stakeholders, they will lack in taking any concrete action to resolve them.

In this article at Liquid Planner, Elizabeth Harrin explains that to help the stakeholders see the unwanted issues in the projects, communication is the key.

Tailor-Made Communication

If the stakeholders are unable to understand the problems, chances are high that project managers failed in explaining them properly. Stakeholders cannot read minds or involve themselves in the daily work on the project. By safely giving them the benefit of doubt, let’s take a look at how project managers can communicate the problems effectively:

What You Say & How

The best way of explaining a problem to someone is, put yourself in their shoes. Stakeholders invest in the project outcome, not the progress or process. Thereby, think about the issues and find a suitable way to explain it to them by deducting jargons and quoting facts. If they show interest in finding the solution then suggest it, else,  swiftly move on to the next set of the conversation with them.

Seek Action Plan

Often, the executives do not take decisions because they are not aware of their responsibilities well. Some avoid it due to lack of skills to pick between the options and solutions to recommend. The projects are not as important to them as much the outcome of it. The project managers need to learn more about communication skills and put them into practice. Once you are done with the chasing, reporting, and searching for more options, the next step is to stop work and switch to do something more valuable. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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