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Follow These 10 PM Best Practices Regularly to Stay Updated

PM best practices help project managers keep their management system in shape. To maximize their benefits, it is necessary to follow one of them per week. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Joanna Leigh Simon shares 10 PM best practices that project managers can update regularly.

Staying Updated with PM Best Practices

Following PM best practices only improves your project’s chance to run projects effortlessly. If you perform 2 to 3 of the 10 mentioned below, you can accomplish all in a month. Let’s find out what they are:

Read All the Mails in Your Inbox: One of the PM best practices is to read emails and act fast to keep the inbox at zero. Those that are low in your list of priority can wait a bit longer.

Update the Inventory: Irrespective of the number or size of projects you manage, it is mandatory to update inventories. Sit with the team members to update scope documents, project plans, etc. every few weeks.

Identify Weaknesses and Strengths: Each project, whether a success or failure, teaches you a lesson. Getting to know the problems and wins to manage future projects better is one of the PM best practices.

Find Out the Current Issues: Once done listing, devote an hour to each issue per month. Some have ready solutions like buying software while others need long-term attention like learning how to make good scopes.

Tidy Up Your Work Station: Overworked project managers forget to clear up their work station—physical or virtual. Take out 20 to 30 minutes every month to remove used up post-its, notebooks, highlighters, etc. Clear away duplicate files, recycle bin, bookmarks, apps, etc. that you no longer require from the laptop.

Know What Your Team Is Up to: One of the important PM best practices is to know how your team members feel about their project and you. Informal chats over lunch or Slack one-on-ones can ease up the process.

Acknowledge the Hard Worker: Dedicate 10 minutes a month to appreciate the contribution of a team member. You realize that you alone cannot run the show and appreciate the opportunity to work with these talents. It can be an email to the individual or a gratitude card on your desk.

Help When Required: Find out and help the struggling teammate to meet project deadlines. Instead of criticizing in the yearly review, a little help can improve a worker’s performance better.

Have an Eye Out for the Future: One of the PM best practices is to be a visionary for the team. Keep 15 minutes of your time write down team’s and individual short-term and long-term goals.

Go on a Date with Yourself: Project managers handle various stakeholders deftly, help the team to meet deadlines, and remove roadblocks. So, go for a run in the morning to feel fresh or shop till your drop during the weekends.

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