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Are You Doing Enough to Address the IoT Skills Gap?

IoT is on the boom. It has been growing exponentially and is expected to connect about 26 billion devices this year and triple the figure to 75 billion by 2025. But, along with it comes the need to manage and maintain this huge volume of data and networks. So, the next thing that IT firms are focusing on is to fill the IoT skills gap. Companies are in dire need of resources qualified enough to manage this new technology domain and streamline the workflow to avoid disruption of any kind.

In this article at Forbes, Daniel Newman has addressed this new resource challenge faced by companies across industries and shared his viewpoints on how to deal with it.

The Challenge

As depicted in a recent survey, 76% of respondents felt that they need highly qualified IoT specialists and 80% felt that they are lacking the skills required to manage IoT tasks. So, the question begs – are the companies doing enough to address the IoT skills gap and how should they prepare to face that resource change by 2025?

The Strategy

If your firm hasn’t faced the IoT challenge yet, it will soon. Here’s how you can prepare yourself for it:

  1. Engage your existing workforce in upskilling and retraining programs. Include employee training and upskilling in your IT budget and allocate funds to boost the knowledge of your current task force.
  2. Look at your recruitment plan and see if it is aligned to hire people who are better suited for today and tomorrow. If not, then revisit the hiring strategy.
  3. Encourage talented IoT people to join your firm by designing special employee welfare and engagement programs as an incentive.
  4. Don’t stop once you hire few qualified IoT resources, keep exploring talent and growing as the IoT market expands.

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