A Leadership Feat: How to Get Things Done?

Often leaders face the challenge of getting some difficult things done by their workforce. Then they start reflecting upon their actions to understand what they are doing wrong and how could they encourage people to execute the planned tasks. This is not an uncommon scenario. Every leader across the hierarchy, right from a CEO to a manager, must have faced this challenge some time in their career.

In this article at Strategy+Business, Adam Kahane states that the secret key to getting things done is to stop self-reflection and lead the game through intrinsic motivation.

What is The Correct Approach?

Kahane recalls his work experience during a national crisis in Thailand where the Prime Minister could hardly encourage people to execute only 1% percent of his orders due to lack of motivation. Kahane believes that such failures happen because people continue to exercise the command-and-control leadership model where one person controls and commands everyone else. However, this model doesn’t work in most scenarios because the workplace culture is changing now. So, there should be a different and unique approach to lead people as well.

The Alternate Theory

If you wish to succeed as a leader, then you must find an alternative to the command-and-control leadership model. Here are three strategies that leaders can use to facilitate self-driven teams:

  1. Try to engage diverse teams in the process. Ensure that people with good interest, confidence and acting skills are involved in the change system. This way they are more likely to drive self-driven action within the teams.
  2. Facilitate strong interpersonal relations and let people interact with their peers to understand issues or scenarios from a different perspective.
  3. Rather than doing a self-reflection on yourself, help people (assigned to different tasks) self-reflect and take appropriate actions, as suitable.

To read the original article click on the following link: https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/The-secret-to-getting-things-done?gko=be878


Priyanka Chakraborty

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