Project Portfolio Management

Why is PPM a Need Not Choice?

Implementation of project portfolio management (PPM) software in an organization depends totally on the decision-making authorities.

In this article at Project Portfolio Office, Guy Jelley explains that with the implementation of PPM, teams get a clear understanding of a range of active projects aligned with the strategic objectives of the organizations.

PPM Aids

With the implementation of PPM software, organizations allow the project leads including executives and managers to uphold a centralized view of the portfolio. The move will help in making smart business and financial transactions for the project portfolio.

The road to PPM implementation is rocky. But if the senior executives extend a serious commitment towards the installation of a systematic, formal and rigorous portfolio management process, it will bring positive and thriving outcomes for the future endeavors.

Seal the Deal

When implementing PPM, the risk factor is higher as compared to other ERP systems. Considering the past incidents of failure in PPM implementations, convincing the executive team is the toughest call. To roll out the software for a sustainable implementation, the executive’s support is most essential.

Considering all the good reasons like how PPM can make life easier, training end users, and data take-on, chances are high that the executives will not oppose investing in PPM software. It can be a costly undertaking for any organization, but it is value for money at the same time. Showcasing the right impactful future possibilities of growth, improved quality, and saving of time and money, are the reasons enough to win the confidence of higher authorities to approve a budget for the PPM software. Getting the most from PPM requires reforming thinking. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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