Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2019 Will Blow Your Mind Away

As per a recent World Economic Forum report, more emerging technologies are going to evolve in 2019. Moreover, these are going to change the world from social and economic standpoints. What are these? In this article at World Economic Forum, Johnny Wood lists the top 10 emerging technologies in 2019 that will blow your mind away.

Listing Down Emerging Technologies

So far, we have heard of blockchain, big data, cryptocurrency, AI, etc. Following are the top 10 emerging technologies in 2019 that will blow your mind away:

Bioplastics: Majority of the world’s plastic is burnt, left, or used for landfills and only 15% is recycled. Biodegradable plastics could not match up with the strength of the traditional ones. Now, bioplastic uses cellulose or lignin from plant waste to reach that strength without using up usable crops.

Social Robots: As robots are slowly understanding voices, faces, emotions, and speech patterns and gestures, it is time for them to socialize. This is one of the emerging technologies that can greatly benefit senior citizens as well as children.

Metalenses: Current glass cutting and curving techniques could not make lenses smaller than that present in mobile phones, computers, etc. Advanced physics made it possible through metalenses. These can lighten glass lenses and reduce sensor sizes and medical imaging equipment.

Control on Disordered Proteins: Disordered proteins cause cancer and several other diseases. They change shape so medicines could not identify and destroy them. Scientists have found a way to prevent this shape-changing behavior to detect these disordered proteins.

Environmentally-Safe Fertilizers: Traditional fertilizers have harmful ammonia, urea, and potash. The new fertilizers have nitrogen and microorganisms that are environmentally safe and boost plants’ nutrient uptake.

Collaborative Telepresence: Today’s video calls enable real-time conversations with remote clients. Emerging technologies will make it possible to feel their handshakes as well. A mixture of augmented reality, virtual reality, 5G networks, and sensors could make this possible.

Advanced Food Tracking and Packaging: Around 600 million people consume contaminated food. Blockchain technology will allow tracking and preventing contamination within minutes. Even sensors in packages can alert the expiry date of a packaged food.

Improved Safety Equipment for Nuclear Reactors: Fuel rods can overheat, explode, and eject harmful radiations. Newer fuel rods are less likely to blow up.

Storing of Data in DNA: With the increase in smartphones and other connected devices, a huge amount of data is being released. The current capacity will fill up in less than a century. One of the emerging technologies is DNA-based data storage. Researchers say a year worth of world’s data can be stored in a square-sized DNA.

Storage of Renewable Energy: While solar cells are a good source of renewable energy, there was no device to archive it. Thanks to emerging technologies, lithium-ion batteries will now store 8 hours of energy. That will support traditional solar power supplies to manage energy demand during peak hours.

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