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Tools and Tips to Keep Track of Remote Teams

Managing remote teams are tough mainly because you must constantly communicate with them to track their progress. Yet, it is important for companies to grant work from home to retain the best global talents. In this article at 8th Light, Sarah Sunday shares tools and tricks to keep track of remote teams.

Keeping Remote Teams in the Loop

Truth be told, in-person communication is still the most effective method to deliver results on time. With the distant team, however, you must follow up after sending an email. You must wait for responses and have an overlapping handover time if the employee works on a different time zone. Following are some collaborative platforms and tricks companies leverage to keep track of remote teams:

Slack: This software allows you to remind remote teams at a sensible time regarding their work commitments. You can call or share screens to demonstrate client requirements to the team members.

Trello: For smooth functioning of project management processes, sync Trello with Slack. Conversations regarding a card displays in the Slack channels automatically and effortlessly.

Tips to Use These Application Optimally:

  • Update your active time with Slack indicators or just message the time period that you are online. If you are busy in a meeting, inform your remote teams. Better, put up your calendar online so that everyone is clear about your schedule.
  • Keep asking the distant teams if they have any issues. Even if you do not get a response immediately, people will warm up to the idea soon. The thought that no news is good news does not apply everywhere.
  • Push your code up frequently so that teams can take up the task from where you have left. Pushing up allows the next person to access the assignment.

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