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Threat Intelligence: A Blessing for CISOs

Company data is more dynamic now than ever before, which gives hackers numerous entry points to initiate dreadful cyber-attacks.

In this article at Global Banking & Finance, Anthony Perridge explains that with constant adoption of a defense-in-depth approach, many firms are implementing numerous layers of security to counter hackers’ moves.

The Consequences

The defense-in-depth approach has formed a massive volume of data which is challenging enough for the security teams to guard. The pressure is high on CISOs who are responsible for every aspect of security and that is why they need threat intelligence. Let’s take a look:

  1. Manage Cyber Threat Context: In a bid to streamline threat actions, a huge amount of uncontrollable threat data needs to be contextualized. Handling context is the key step to evolve your security posture.
  2. Empower Teams to Quickly Respond: Only your team knows the importance of quick response to cyber threats and how much serious damage it may cause to the organization. Deploying threat intelligence to your existing infrastructure may help you act within time and empower your team to respond instantly to the existing industry threats.
  3. Save Time & Money: Threat intelligence can prioritize and filter noise and reduce false positives while reducing unwanted workload. It reduces manual tasks which can be repetitive and time-consuming by automating them. This means the team will no longer waste time in chasing ghosts.
  4. Create Intelligent Cybersecurity Processes: A threat intelligence solution accelerates security operations through a streamlined threat operation and management program. This will hinge on a platform that can help aggregate, operationalize and counter most relevant threats faced by the organization.

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