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The Trick of Bringing the Best Out of a Mentor

There is nothing as productive as starting the new year with a resolution to improve your career or health. Those aiming to improve their career prospects can consider mentorship as the best move.

In this article at Information Week, Jessica Davis brings forth the insightful details on becoming a mentor or finding one for yourself.

Importance of Mentors

Mentors can irradiate the path of success for you, be it in the field of job search, to extend career advice or picking the right option out of multiple difficult choices. Here are some insights to help you navigate mentorship:

  • Learning is Priority: Those who just started a new career must focus on factors beyond job description and salary, focus on what you can learn from your job. Read everything, listen to all conversations and ask all sorts of questions.
  • The More the Merrier: Having mentors has been more fluid and there is no harm in having a personal board of directors. In the field of giving and seeking advice, there is no dearth of hand holders. So, continue networking and talking to people.
  • Is Your Mentor Doing a Good Job? Now finding the appropriate one is not easy. Mentors must tell you the truth and let you taste the wrong wine first in order to relish the right one. Their job is to ‘afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.’
  • Formal Mentorship Programs: Following a formal mentorship program is not a big deal. But it is vital to get explicit about the purpose of the program and define a goal to achieve. Clarity of expectations is essential if you do not wish to waste time.

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