The Hot & Cold IT Leadership Trends to Abide by

The role of CIO demands risk version, result-oriented mindset, and courage to drive organizational change. This role of IT leaders is changing rapidly with digital transformation.

In this article at CIO, Paul Heltzel explains the reason why top IT executives or CIOs are initiating strategic change rather than acting as trusted operators.

Changing Rules of IT Leadership

IT leaders are more inclined towards innovation and revenue generation. Hence, most of them are swiftly aiming for broadening their influence and emphasizing organizational change. Here are some hot and cold IT leadership trends to keep a watch over:

The Hot Trends

Here is a list of hot trends CIOs of leading organizations promote:

  • Building High-Performance Teams: The CIOs must prepare their staff with intelligent technologies to empower greater collaboration and transparency across the organization.
  • Bringing in Perspectives: In the ongoing highly disruptive market scenario, the CIOs must embrace the trend of considering firms that can augment internal IT teams while seeking and utilizing advice from trusted experts in doing so.
  • Constant Learning: A well-structured education, communication, and engagement plan can help the CIOs to lead in a coordinated way. It will also help them leverage the services and capabilities available to proactive educational initiatives.
  • Seeking Non-Conventional Hires: A sharp rise in hiring non-technical staff, who is willing and efficient in learning fast, has been noticed in the market recently. Changing the way CIOs source their team members can bring a diversity of thinking and experience.
  • Be a Change Agent: Develop a deep network of talent that you may call upon to meet evolving business needs. Delivering transformative change is an essential skill for CIOs to help them meet revenue-generating business requests effectively.

The Cold Trends

Keep these cold trends in mind too while aiming to explore new horizons of technology development:

  • Tech Experts Not Influencers: Technical skills without a vision for business growth is a dud for IT leaders who want to prompt change. A team that coordinates and communicates well together is a way better deal than a bunch of techies coding and decoding mostly.
  • Risk Aversion: Technology disruption is the need of the hour and the CIOs are bound to implement and hire skilled external resources to rapidly innovate. Following the same 10-year playbook is not commendable anymore.
  • All-Purpose Mentality: The CIOs aiming for augmented IT teams must give segments of their IT business to the subject matter experts, whom they can hire as an in-house resource later. This will help in forming a highly efficient team that too at affordable prices.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Soft skills in IT are highly in-demand yet hard to find. IT leaders must have the ability to gauge their team and goals.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.cio.com/article/3335676/6-hot-it-leadership-trends-and-6-going-cold.html?nsdr=true


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