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Project Managers, Don’t Ignore This Exclusive List of Time Management Tips

Good project managers have excellent time management skills. They not only manage their own time but also their team’s. Are you finding it difficult to manage time off late? In this article at PM Majik, check out the handy list of time management tips laid out exclusively for project managers.

Managing the Ever-Elusive Time

Great leaders are good at time management. Following are the 10 tips that every project manager will find handy:

Create a To-Do List: Pen down a small list of 5 to 10 actionable items that you want to achieve for the day. Make a realistic one to maintain a buffer for sudden, urgent tasks. Read up Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s “The One Thing” to get ideas.

Work on the Urgent Ones First: Some tasks can be done later while others require immediate attention. Understand which ones you must strike off the list first for effective time management. Prioritize the urgent ones over short ones.

Create Goals for Time Management: Now that you have set a task list, create goals that you can achieve. Do not allocate too much time to one task if you must finish a lot of tasks within a few hours. Keep it crisp and gradually lessen the time you would generally need, say to read a long document.

Block Your Time: Block the time on your calendar to achieve those tasks. You can also perform the errands in groups. Keep all the writing tasks together, like writing an email, a project scope, or a status report.

Concentrate on the Tasks at Hand: A multi-tasker knows how to switch focus from one task to the other but be consistently concentrated. Do not boggle your mind with the pending tasks to avoid doing mistakes in the ongoing one.

Have Post-It Reminders: For proper time management, have reminders right in front of your eyes. Juggling several projects or tasks together can easily make you forget accomplishing an urgent task.

Stop Prioritizing Other’s Work: Even if you can achieve things faster than others, concentrate on working your priority task list first. If they are running behind schedule, ask other teammates to help.

Reduce Meeting Frequency: Meetings are hands-down the worst time-killers so find out ways to stay away from them. For status updates, turn around and let everyone give their updates. Or, ask each to send status email first thing in the morning. Set up weekly meetings to discuss challenges or new ideas.

Learn to Say No: If a task is not in the scope of your project, for the sake of time management, learn to say no. If you know that an extra task can derail the project timeline, politely postpone it.

Raise Questions When in Doubt: When your team asks for an extension of the deadline, ask questions. If there is a problem that you can solve, do it.

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