PPM Solutions and Services: 10 Ways to Implement Them Successfully

PPM solutions have made it easier to govern business processes and align projects to corporate objectives. However, the software alone cannot make such a big influence on the organizations. In this article at Keyedin, Rachel Hentges discusses 10 ways to implement PPM solutions and services successfully.

Making the Software Work

You have heard of PPM solutions working wonders for companies. Those do make a big difference in your company’s performance but there are certain factors that you must look after. Following are the 10 ways to implement PPM solutions and services successfully:

Sponsor Buy-ins: Find a sponsor that can utilize PPM solutions and services and inspire others to follow suit. Apart from that, maneuver through the various politics residing in the company to get things done.

A Working Model: Success of those science fairs prove that everyone likes a working model of what they are investing in. If a 14-day free trial increases support, go for it.

Relevant Automation: Instead of creating detailed workflows, integrating systems, and building reports right in the beginning, understand the requirements first.

Easy to Use: Make the PPM solutions user-friendly for better reception. You can put in more complex items and train the users later.

Reasonable Implementation: It is important to start implementing PPM solutions based on organizational maturity. People usually reject ideas and systems if they are too advanced in nature.

Supportive First, Automated Later: When you allow the software and services to grow as per people’s convenience, those are accepted easily. Automate things from the beginning and people might think you are after their jobs.

People and Change Management: Change is the only constant, but it is the only factor that gets the most resistance in a company. Be careful how you deal with people as project managers are not used to taking orders.

Prioritizing Critical Items: You cannot get everything right at the initial phases of the implementation. So, focus only on the critical items for now.

Building the Groundwork: Before you start implementing PPM solutions, train people to ensure maximum benefits.

Consultation Helps: If required, get the experts in town. Their keen eyes and years of experience will reduce a lot of stress around implementation.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.keyedin.com/article/10-project-portfolio-management-implementation-tips-based-on-real-world-experience/

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