Leave the Burnout Behind & Start Afresh

A majority of professionals turn to quit the job as a solution to get over burnout as if walking away from a tough solution is the only way to amend a big mistake or reduce heavy workload.

In this article at NBC News, Jean Chatzky explains that if the present job feels like a burden or is over stressful and you are feeling burned out, switching the job may not prove as the best solution.

A Reality Check

As per the recent research of staffing firm Randstad, about 30 percent of employees consider their current position unpleasant due to burnout and aim for leaving. However, some 41 percent believe that quitting is the only way to deal with it, which is not true. Let’s find out the best ways to overcome the desire of quitting and make a niche for yourself at work:

  • Understand the Issue: Burnout does not happen due to just one specific project, person or situation. It is a conclusion of all the sentiments including boredom, lack of attention, poor job satisfaction, etc. Two of the more common causes of burnout includes zero appreciation from the boss and lack of scope for growth. Thereby, ask yourself some tough questions to understand why you are feeling burned out and find the best solution to overcome it.
  • Not Talking May Not Work Well: Instead of avoiding the subject to secure your existing position, hold an open and honest discussion with your boss about your long-term career goals and future goals. Share how you feel with the upper management to seek their support and collaborate to prevent further burnout.

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