Leadership Tips to Launch a Performance Program

Constant feedback and performance reviews can help in shaping the best teams and leaders can easily launch these programs to improve their team’s efficiency.

In this article at Kronos, Rachel Rapoza explains that about 90 percent of organizations have seen higher employee engagement after redesigning their performance program.

Performance Management

Leaders can leverage on the data gathered through feedback or performance programs by working towards fixing the loose ends. Here are three tips to implement a new feedback or performance program:

  • Agile Approach to Planning: The conventional waterfall method of project management is risky and time-consuming. While the agile methodology selects small groups to test, get feedback, validate, and refine a strategy in much goal-oriented approach. Agile enables an optimized process for the best employee experience.
  • Stage the Environment: Tweaking the adjacent practices to gather employee performance feedback may help in reinforcing improved behaviors and drive staff engagement. Transformed work environment may leave a profound impact on employees and nudge them to give or take feedback through strong visual cues.
  • Communication Plan: Developing a formal communication plan may help the leaders to set clear expectations while ensuring a powerful mechanism to drive staff engagement. Leaders of the organization should be proactive to promote the new performance program to their teams. As per McKinsey report, open communication initiated by senior leaders about the progress and success of a change initiative is likely to witness eight times more successful transformation than a conventional hierarchy method.

The author believes that the success of a performance program mostly relies on employee adoption. Right technology in place while creating a seamless change management plan may help the leaders achieve positive outcomes. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.kronos.com/blogs/what-works/3-tips-successfully-launch-new-performance-program

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