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How to Lead as an Indispensable Project Manager?

‘On the top you are alone’ and in project management, reaching the top is way tougher than any other field as the ground level is overcrowded.

In this article at Toptal, Miroslav Anicin explains that being a top project manager, one has to stand out and get recognition always to maintain a high repute.

The Critical Top Notch

What is so special about the top? The stakeholders trust you more and want to work with only you. They listen to your advice more than any other team member and your global demand shoots. Here is a list of key qualities of top project managers that you must acquire if you aim to reach the ‘Top’:

  1.  Build Trust Within Team: Trust in a team is crucial to upholding the empirical project control. However, mostly the ‘blame culture’ ruins trust. Hence, the key to maintaining ‘trust culture’ is migrating away from the blame culture and taking every mistake as a learning opportunity.
  2. Engage Stakeholders: Since stakeholders are the deriving force behind the projects, their involvement is paramount. Keep them engaged in the project process and deliver as promised without fail.
  3. Risk Management: Project and risk go hand-in-hand. To become the top project manager, engage your teams in identifying not just the common project risks but the most pressing and unique ones too.
  4. Understanding the Environment: Instead of starting a project in a haste, forcing any random methodology, the top project managers must perform in-depth analysis, understand formal and informal structure, tools, capabilities, and organizational assets in-hand.
  5. Apply LEAN: Top project managers know the value of the journey and the end goal. They must identify more efficient and effective processes of agile transformation like LEAN methodology to make the journey swift and impactful.

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