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How Can CIOs Keep Their Best Team Happy?

Hiring top industry talent is essential but their long-term retention is a task that needs strategic alignment. Promotions and increments are momentary, but constant growth opportunity is the major motivation for many.

In this article at ZDnet, Mark Samuels explains that in the fast-growing digital economy, CIOs need to strategize and put constant effort into ensuring the retention of top talent.

Retention: An Expensive Affair

IT firms are fast developing and hiring top industry talent to fill positions in high-demand. However, the cream staff is expensive and may steal projects of expertise, if hired by your counterpart. So, here is a list of practical tips to keep your existing staff motivated and happy:

  • Benefits of Change: Even with the right strategy, the challenge of staff retention remains. However, the rapid pace of change in the organization may prove beneficial for staff retention. The process demands regular updates from the CEOs and the leadership team to let the employees feel themselves a part of the transformation.
  • Career to Employees, Not Job: Always remember, the self-motivated employees are not just long-standing hires, but they are the gems your competitors are eyeing on. So, offer a career to the new or existing hires that can bring in a lot of new energy and insight to your organization. By giving more responsibility and job satisfaction to your staff you can empower them.
  • Win Trust: The staff motivation program must begin at the top of the venture. Create a dedicated integration center led by an experienced executive to build high-skilled data capability across the business. By creating a well-strategized motivation program, you can keep the staff focused and happily stuck around for years.
  • Standardized Development Practices: Establish a strong working culture with a high level of motivation where everyone is moving in the same direction. For this, you need strong governance to create alignment. Also, create a structure to ensure fresh ideas are heard and motivations are protected.

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