Collaborate or Compete—What Should Today’s Leaders Do?

Boeing and Airbus leaders compete fiercely against each other in the aviation industry but collaborate at Composites Institute (IACMI). The reason for this collaboration is to stay updated with new policies and technologies. When to draw the fine line? In this article at DigitalTonto, Greg Satell helps leaders decide how to keep the balance between collaboration and competition.

When Leaders Shuttle Between Collaboration and Competition

Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage suggested increasing bargaining for suppliers, customers, goods to rule the value chain. This mantra was extremely successful when leaders dealt with standalone devices. With today’s connected devices, you can lose leveraging emerging platforms and ecosystems with this belief.

Innovate and Share

Philosopher Michael Heidegger remarked that ‘technological advancement is a process of revealing and building’. When theoretical physics revealed their thesis, transistors and microchips were built. As theoretical things had limits so will the digital technology. So, leaders should explore new areas—quantum computing, synthetic biology, and materials science.

New Platforms Require Collaboration

Boeing and Airbus collaborate because both need researchers, universities, government sanctions, and technology firms to enjoy new-age updates. In fact, all types of firms are collaborating with scientists to build advanced fabrics, biofabrication, etc. While IBM created PC in isolation, quantum computing is being built by a team of leaders and organizations.

Invention Is Not Always an Individual Work

It takes years of processing, thinking, and collaborating to make one invention influence the whole world. In fact, what seems to be a new-age technology today had 29 years of hard work behind it. Quantum mechanics has been discovered in the 1920s and 1930s and is taught in the universities today. Leaders benefitted from it because they do not have to train those fresh graduates regarding semiconductors. However, designs of the products are guarded well. That is how the leaders should perform to collaborate and compete when necessary.

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