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CIO Tips to Guard Your Job Post Company Merger

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are part and parcel of the corporate world and CIOs need to learn to embrace it as an opportunity to grow and lead.

In this article at CIO.Co, Ivar Berntz explains that being the proud holder of the CIO’s position, the IT executives should not give up easily on it with the merger or acquisition of their company. In fact, they must act smart to turn such circumstances into an opportunity to flourish.

Who’s the Best?

Typically, only one CIO remains after the merger of two organizations. So, play hard on your core leadership skills to position yourself as the ‘best fit’ for future developments. Here are some smart ways to lead the way:

  • Showcase the Opportunity of Disruption: Hone your digital literacy to remain a trusted associate in the digital world. Keep a bird’s eye view over personal and professional prospects amid the digital disruption to analyze business strategy.
  • Nurture Relationships Outside IT: Turn M&As into an opportunity to improve your relationship with your peers. Advance a compelling vision to better collaborate business units and improve existing processes while paying sincere attention to the moves of your competitors. Keep discussing pre-emptive methods and actions with the executive management team.
  • Understand Individual Motivators: This period of upheaval may threaten the existing staff. Accept the emotional vulnerability of each individual in the team. Their resistance may even cause a sound deal to fail. Thereby, acknowledging the employee’s concern and giving them what may help in keeping them committed in the transition period.
  • Illustrate the Vision: Outline a future where the organization may grow faster, offer better products, serve customers effectively, and achieve top goals. Now, set up your work in terms of the business vision while forming a compelling depiction to excite employees.

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