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CIO Tips: High Time to Step up Capabilities

If the CIOs want to build an IT capability for service management, then technology innovation needs to be established analytically. Now is the time for the CIO to build a ‘playground’ for exploration, discover new horizons, and disruptive implications.

In this article at Forrester, Brian Hopkins explains that to explore new digital markets and product opportunities, the businesses need to acquire changes. This will help the clients better drive technology innovation with future-oriented strategies.

The Challenging Part

Leading CIOs know that innovation takes many different forms across the organization, and their response must vary accordingly. However, the future is coming at a faster pace than expected. Thanks to the exponential trends that are picking up speed. Thus, the CIOs need to gear up and explore these areas:

  • Alignment of Economic & Tech Spend: Cloud transformation towards SaaS and PaaS technology drives constant growth in the US tech spending. The emergence of new technologies like AI and quantum computing continues to capture interest and investment in software. Therefore, the CIOs need to ensure an increase in tech spends to avoid getting left behind.
  • Emerging Technologies & Trends: By observing these, the CIO’s role and stacking the deck with analysts will help in expanding coverage beyond a particular area. Dig deep into the research of the emerging market of quantum hardware and software vendors.
  • Forums Dedicated to Emerging Technologies: The CIOs need to collect agendas on the top emerging technologies and innovation research. Be a part of discussions on the emerging technologies like blockchain and deep learning while exploring the connections between them that are driving innovation chains. These are groups of related technologies that build on each other to create breakthrough solutions.

The author insists the CIOs to lookout for the imminent Forrester reports on technology innovation covering ‘Advanced Digital Businesses Are Winning With Tech-Driven Business Innovation’ and ‘Not All Innovations Are Created Equal’. Click on the following link to gather more information about the upcoming reports:


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