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5 Ways CIOs Can Combat Patching Problem

As the hackers are working day and night to breach confidential data, it is the duty of the CIOs to fix all the loose ends. However, with budget constraints and an already maxed-out staff, accelerating patching frequency seems next to impossible.

In this article at Beta News, Sumir Karayi explains that keeping in mind the cost and risk fast escalating data breach, augmenting collaborative strategies with effective automated technology is the most practical way to keep pace with the cyber threat.

Combat Patching

To keep the endpoints patched, updated, yet fortified is one of the prime responsibilities of the CIOs, but it cannot happen without the support of operations, security, and end users. Here are some practical strategies to helps CIOs overcome patching problem:

  • Deploy Real-Time Response: Even the best patching protocol cannot be failsafe. Patching can only define vulnerabilities that even hackers are trying to find. Thereby, find a real-time response solution to detect and stop a cyber-attack.
  • Get Security & Operations Together: Often operations blame IT security for endpoint protection. However, to keep the endpoints updated safely, both operations and security need to collaborate. While operations need to deploy patches and appropriate security settings, IT security must monitor and analyze proactive ways to halt potential threats.
  • Identify the Scope of Assets: The most practical approach to handle patching is to entirely catalog software assets. The CIOs must identify machines, operating systems, productivity software, and even peripheral drivers to lay off if either is hampering cybersecurity.
  • Clear the Path for Patching: To deploy patches in a much timely manner, eliminate network congestion with a content distribution tool that can ensure intelligent use of bandwidth. Also, make sure there are visibility and access to all endpoints and connect them to the VPN as and when required. Last, but not the least, ensure WMI and SCCM are properly functioning to install patches efficiently.
  • Enlist End Users to Help: Educate end user or in-house staff to keep their machines updated and ensure complete backup assurance so their documents and data remain preserved.

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