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5 Tips to Work Productively at Office

Different people define ‘productivity’ in their own unique way. For some, keeping busy in office hours is being productive while for others completing a daily to-do list by the end of the day is productive.

In this article at Founder’s Guide, the author explains that the bad habits people form in the workplace are the biggest hindrances to productivity.

Productivity Enhancer

As per a recent study published in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal, taking scheduled breaks during the workday may enhance the productivity of the employees a lot, besides a cup of strong coffee. Follow these guidelines to turn your day productive in the office:

  • Time Management: Managing work hours successfully may give a clear direction to the employees which may result in well-executed tasks. Hence, track and limit the amount of time you are spending to perform a specific task and try to gauge where maximum time was wasted.
  • Eliminate Paperwork: Go digital and cut down on office paperwork as it will reduce a lot of the repetitive tasks. This will also assist in cutting the cost of paper, ink and various bit of office stationery.
  • Difficult Task First: Keep all those tasks as a priority which you may see as difficult. This will save you risk-burning and give you enough focus to beat the deadlines.
  • Take Regular Breaks: Working on a project without breaks has been proven to be counterproductive. So, try taking short breaks after every 90-minutes of working.
  • Limit Interruptions: Even a brief interruption can cause major disruption in the workflow. By limiting interruptions, you may level up focus. Keeping the cabin door closed and setting office hours is another impactful way of limiting disruptions.

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