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5 Project Management Tips to Enhance Productivity

When project managers form a team, they ignore the fact that each individual becoming a part of the team comes with diverse ideologies and philosophies. To turn each team member into a strong pillar of the organization, the project managers need to strategize.

In this article at PM Times, Jane Thomson explains that to enhance productivity and achieve better outcomes,  project managers and their teams must mutually put their efforts to achieve the same goal.

Road to Productivity

With time being one of the most valued assets, project managers must focus on saving it by increasing productivity. Specific productivity tools may prove beneficial in this regard. But here are a few smart ways to enhance productivity by expediting final delivery:

  • Document Warehouse: Try to maintain a document repository for future references. Consider it as a knowledge hub to pass on to the new team members. You can maintain it in the form of a wiki page, shared network drive, CD or even a pen drive in the form of images and videos.
  • Peer Training: Shortlist all those who have in-depth knowledge and exposure to successfully finish projects. Pair them with the ones who need process training to drive and spread knowledge while creating a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Team Meetings: Consistent team meetings are the best way to exchange wonderful ideas. The project managers must encourage their teams to huddle and update each other with the latest developments or hurdles to resolve.
  • Take Away from Meetings: The project managers must ensure that their teams must have something to take away from each meeting. Regular team meetings may bring enough productive ideas and outcomes which may prove favorable for the projects.
  • Mentoring Teammates: Mentoring is a more informal approach to training. It brings more valuable knowledge to the forefront about diverse nature of projects and requirements.

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