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3 Tips to Foster Collaboration in a Digital Workforce

A collaborative work environment is the foundation of a successful venture in the digital world. Collaborative workforce does not mean harnessing new skills, but improving overall team performance.

In this article at Anthill Online, Thomas Wythe explains that in the digital arena, agile development process is designed to pervade collaboration among the working staff who share common goals and visions to deliver the best outcomes.

The Irony

The problem arises only when a dedicated segment adopts a collaborative approach while the rest of the departments remain glued to a conventional setup. Consequently, the organization remains stuck in a much polarized collaborative environment. Here are some smart ways to bridge this gap:

  • Company-Wide Alignment: Irrespective of the organization size, uphold a clear set of objectives and goals for all. Frequent reviews and communications can create an ideal work environment for collaboration.
  • Visual Collaboration: Being in a digital setup, use technologies, and tools that may enable you to sort out objectives, key result planning, and review team progress every quarter. The organizations facing conventional barriers can also overcome them with the usage of digital communication and visualization tools.
  • Increased Diversity: An organization is formed with a mix of experienced individuals and less experienced young brains. Harnessing diverse skills and energies to create something extraordinary in this workforce is not easy. However, if the organization can delegate the work among experienced and less experienced people effectively, overcoming the skill and knowledge gap will be easier. That is how an ideal collaborative work environment could be formed. The key is balancing the energy of the younger generation, which sees everything from a different perspective, with the wisdom and governance of experienced people.

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