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Want to Complete Projects Faster? Find Out the 5 Steps

The sooner businesses complete projects, the faster they receive ROI and the better their client relationships are. To achieve that, you need to have a water-tight project planning process. In this article at Liquid Planner, find out the 5 steps to complete your project faster.

5 Steps to Complete Projects Qualitatively

It is understandable that as project managers, you have an immense pressure to complete projects on time and within budget. So, the primary task you must accomplish is to sit with the team and stakeholders and create a project plan. Following are the steps to complete projects faster:

List All Tasks: Identify and consolidate all the tasks that you must do for the project by gathering emails, notes, post-its, meeting minutes, etc. List them as per importance. If you are confused during task prioritization, set up some questions to understand that. Which has the strictest deadline? Which task will provide the quickest ROI or benefits? Which tasks are dependent on other tasks or resources?

Create a Process Outline: After gathering and prioritizing all tasks, create an outline of how you would achieve those tasks within the project parameters. The outline must answer three questions: a list of tasks to complete the outline, stakeholders, and the best route to complete the project.

Arrange for the Project: Arrange things that would suit you, the team, stakeholders, and project. A project management tool can help you in this regard. You need a forum which all members can access, share, and discuss.

Have Regular Review Sessions: Conduct regular review sessions, maybe once a week on a Thursday, to analyze and revise your plan of action. This refreshes your memory as well as helps you understand if the project is going in the right direction or needs a course correction.

Get, Set, Go! When you are set with your plan, take action. As per David Allen’s GTD methodology, ask yourself four questions: ‘context’, ‘time available’, ‘energy available’, and ‘priority’.

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