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Tackle Customer Complaints in 5 Smart Ways

Customer satisfaction is nothing less than battling a war and winning it with a lot of personal loss. Also, there is no end to the agony of unhappy customers and that may tarnish the image of a brand forever.

In this article at ITSM.Tools, Stephen Mann explains how a single complaint may paint the wrong image of a brand or service. To match the inflated prices charged by the service providers, customer satisfaction should be top-notch too.

The Need to Raise Complaints

Quoting his personal experience at a high-priced hotel for breakfast, the author further explains that being upfront with the management or service providers is essential to get the issue resolved. By not mentioning about the fault in services, you miss the opportunity to remediate them. Thereby, keep in mind these don’ts as you handle customer complaints:

  1. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Start it Right: Instead of creating a mess with the fussy customer in front of others, take the complaining customer aside to discuss the matter in private. This will confine the other customers from over-hearing the matter. Keep your voice soft and tone down the volume to placate irate customers as you empathize with them.
  2. Don’t Address to Bother: Never entertain an irritated customer in a manner that he or she is bothering you as this may make your situation worse. In return, you will end up attracting wrong publicity.
  3. Don’t Make Weak Excuses: Comparison with other customers or defensive approach to resolve the matter with unrealistic reasons is a clear indication of the matter being overlooked.
  4. Don’t Promise if You Can’t Deliver: Never fail in delivering once you have promised something to the customers. This means, promise big if you are capable of delivering it without fail.
  5. Don’t Ignore an Unhappy Customer: If you cannot see the matter from the customer’s perspective, you will never resolve it. Ignoring unhappy customers means loss of faith of future prospects.

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