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Is Your Digital Strategy Smart Enough to Secure Business?

No wonder technology is smart enough to interconnect all business processes seamlessly. From customer experience to supply chain management, technology is driving business. By using technology, companies are efficiently changing the way products and services are delivered to end users in minimum time.

In this article at Digitalist, Paul Kurchina explains that even though technology is enabling speedy business, it is equally responsible of dampening the data security and infrastructure of the venture.

Digital Strategy: Boon or Bane

It is high time for businesses to take a look at how their digital strategy is responsible for data breach. Fast changing technology is responsible of distressing the overall concept of business security.

Digital Resilience: Need of the Hour

It is the responsibility of CIOs to become concerned about the security of decision makers and customers’ access while vigilantly considering data transactions as their priority. This will help them confront cybercrime and cyber espionage. To survive in fast progressing digital arena of endless risks, businesses need to constantly assess these foundations of digital security:

  1. Product Resiliency: Develop products or applications that can identify and defend cyberattacks.
  2. Operational Trust: The virtual and corporal settings residing applications must be efficient of defending direct attacks.
  3. Corporate Security: Security staff, digital assets’ end-to-end security, and a comprehensive business framework are different aspects of security management system. It helps in ensuring security of all digital assets and products.

The cyber threat scenario at a microscopic level has changed significantly. Thereby, businesses need to strengthen their IT security measures to identify, control, and prevent cyberattacks. Click on the following link to read the original article:


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