If You’re a Thought Leader, You Should Have These 5 Unique Traits

As a CIO, you are the brand ambassador of your company as well as a thought leader. You are among those rare visionaries that help companies to become market pioneers. So, what characteristics make a thought leader so unique? In this article at CIO, Jill Dyche reveals the 5 traits that become the foundational stones of a thought leader.

Defining Thought Leadership

Thought leaders not only create unique paths but they also inspire the crowd to think beyond. Their paths are not as easy as they must convince the existing audience to see the future as clearly as they do.  So, if you are a thought leader, the following are the 5 unique traits you must possess:

Formulating a Unique Perspective Regarding a Topic: As a CIO, you must be aware of terms like ‘blockchain’, ‘digital mesh’, augmented reality, etc. You will be the differentiator if you can come up with a unique perspective regarding these practices, technologies, and buzzwords. A thought leader is always innovative.

Simplifying Complex Ideas: Anne Buff, a thought leader in a software company, clarified media and customer queries regarding the analytics team structure. The complicated topic can change based on skills, leadership agendas, and organizational cultures. So, Buff simplified the analytics teams based on three types of morning coffee—light, medium, and bold. To connect to a wider audience, you need to decompress the complex like Buff.

Being Aware of Industry and Competitors: To get pioneering ideas, a thought leader should come out of the company and collaborate with the industry peers. Listen to both sides of the argument before concluding.

Others in the Sector Know You: Competition is now about collaboration and not isolation. You need to listen to disagree, loud other’s ideas when yours is still evolving, and learn from unique visions. A thought leader opens mind wide to create better perspectives and competitor relationships.

Making Ideas Credible: When you get ideas, it might be just a few keywords in your head that keep swirling. However, those need to be factual to implement and become a reality. So, create an actional blueprint and progression path before you present that to the audience.

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Indrani Roy

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