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Do You Exercise These 3 Risk Management Practices in Your Company?

Risk management practices will not be successful without enterprise-wide implementation. Security protocols, ID badge readers at the entrances, etc. form only a part of your security architecture. In this article at Big Sky Associates, John Dillard suggests 3 risk management practices to maintain better corporate security.

Risk Management Practices That Work

Isolated efforts to follow risk management projects cannot be the answer to widespread and sophisticated security threats. Risk management practices should be a mandatory and collective effort. Everyone should be accountable for keeping company assets safe. Following are the 3 risk management practices that you should exercise in your company:

Assess All Types of Risks: Risk control practices will be fruitful if you evaluate all types of risks for crucial as well as basic assets. Find out the costs you must bear in case of security leaks for each asset. Conduct risk control continuously to detect new risks and prevent recurrence of old issues. Make an action plan that you can implement as soon as you detect risks. Allocate a budget for every plan for effective risk control in the organization.

Be Technically Effective: Risk management practices not only involve identifying and assessing risks but also implementing security measures. Be it physical or virtual technical risk controls, perform all the items necessary to keep your company secure. Your investment and effort would be meaningful if you can successfully address each risk. Use the data-based tools and processes to detect high-impact risks and implement speedy containment.

Address Risks Related to Operations: For this type of risk practices, deploy threat prevention protocols in your regular operations. Security training and standardizing risk prevention policies can infuse healthy security habits in employee workstyle. Also, keep a sharp eye out for rulebreakers or accidental breaches caused by workers. Stay flexible with your risk protocols to upgrade it when resources or organizational strategies change.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.bigskyassociates.com/blog/bid/362478/organizational-security-tips-3-key-risk-management-controls

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