CIO Tips: Hold Super Productive Meetings in 5 Smart Ways

A gentle reminder of a meeting does not always bring joy to those who are bound to attend them without fail. Many consider them boring, unproductive, and sheer waste of time.

In this article at DZone, Fred Wilson explains that meetings are the best way for the CIOs to review the progress and follow-up on the work. However, it spoils the most productive hours of the employees every month.

Something’s Wrong

Reportedly, about a whopping 91 percent of attendants daydream in the meetings and these unproductive meetings waste about 31 hours per month. To reduce the distress of CIOs, here are some smart ways to save time and turn all the meetings productive at the same time:

  1. Clear Purpose: The purpose of a meeting should be clearly defined and communicated among the attendees. The clear objectives help the attendees to initiate or propose meaningful ideas.
  2. Predefine Meeting Agenda: Always decide an overall meeting agenda to help the team understand their role in the meeting. This will help attendants gather their creative thoughts to represent them well.
  3. Stringent Time Limits: The best way to save time during these meetings is by imposing a strict time limit to it. Ensure that the meetings start and end on time without fail. You may try some new tools like Meeting Cost Calculator to instantly calculate the costing of meetings annually.
  4. Identify Attendees: Identify the attendees of a meeting along with their roles and expectations from them. This will reduce chaos and mitigate the summoning of unnecessary members.
  5. Follow Up: Channelizing the thoughts, ideas, and shortlisted tasks to the attendees is one of the real works that starts post meeting. But to do so, regular follow up is a must.

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