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Break the Norm & Thank Your Team in 5 Economic Ways

The team plays a very significant role in bringing successful outcomes. Still, many leaders hesitate in thanking the team for the selfless efforts extended by each individual on the team.

In this article at Liquid Planner, Andy Makar suggests that in the holidays season, take out some time to recognize the value and contribution of your team members.

Celebrate Team

It is the duty of project managers to not just make each individual in the team happy with a good raise, but also come up with some creative ideas to surprise them. Raise is just a passing motivation but spending fun time with the team will be a lucrative way to bring them closer and open to you. Here are some economical ways to boost your team’s morale:

  1. Team Lunch: Promise team lunch and order pizza, one of the most satisfying and economical meals that makes everyone happy. Making a sincere effort to bring the teams together is the best approach than following some uncomfortable team building practices.
  2. First Round’s on Me: It may not sound politically correct to many, but nothing works better than team building over wine. Break the norm sometime and plan to socialize with your team over a weekend. This will bring out the best in them and you. For the disciplined ones, a couple of appetizers and mocktails at a low-cost is equally good.
  3. Get Vendor Swag: Even with no budget, you can reward the team well using a vendor’s software solution. All you need to do is, ask your sales representative to go through some promotional materials that may decorate your team’s desk.
  4. Gift a Book: One of the most undying approaches is to gift a personal productivity or self-motivation book to help team members accomplish their goals.
  5. Pen Down a Note: In the digital era, when no one prefers to write a personalized note, leaving a hand-written note on each individual’s desk is the most suitable way to thank the team. Put meaningful words on a colorful piece of paper or sticky note to draw a smile on your team’s face.

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