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5 Ways to Guard Company Repute in Cyberage

In the cyber exposed critical world of business, maintaining a clean and good reputation of your organizations is tough. In fact, even the social media platforms do not offer many positive and familiar comments and that is the major cause of reputation breakdown.

In this article at CIO, Cristina Lago suggests that as CIOs step into a new journey to transform their business and ready to take new responsibilities, they need to first strategize ways to create brand awareness and reputation management.

The New Mandate

The stakes have never been higher for understanding and maintaining a good reputation, and the challenges never more daunting before the emergence of cyber exposure. Being the CIOs, holding a strategic business viewpoint and working closely with the C-suite executives is mandatory. But, it is equally pivotal to include reputation management in the work strategy. Here are some tips to consider if you wish to manage reputation risks in an era where a tweet can tarnish your company image:

  • Establish & Protect: Establishing a culture of respect and promoting the right values could be the best way of avoiding reputation breakdown. Protecting the privacy of consumers is essential to create their emotional connect with your brand.
  • Periodic Controls: To ensure all the employees are following the company policies and procedures, introduce periodic controls to monitor them. Also, implement a seamless security plan to guard the company data. Data protection will also require frequent audits, risk registers, and data mappings.
  • Contingency Plans: By taking reputational risks more seriously and making a compact contingency plan, with a specific set of skilled employees, any organization can sail smoothly in rough weather.
  • Manage Expectations: Even though, the client is not always right, false promises or sharing misleading information may make the customers unhappy and hamper your reputation. Therefore follow the new formula of ‘under-promise and over-deliver’ to keep the customers happy.
  • Spread Positivity: Create brand awareness and make efforts to design intelligent social media campaigns to promote your venture. Share all the positive feedback given by the clients on all the social media platforms. In fact, address and fix all the negative feedback into positive outcomes.

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