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5 Foolproof Project Management Career Tips

Making the right career move is no cake walk. One wrong decision and you may fall on the wrong track, without unleashing your own capabilities for good.

In this article at Fincyte, the author explains that project management is the best career choice for those who enjoy management, love to strategize and are certainly gravitated towards leadership.

Project Manager’s Job

The project managers are responsible for managing tasks that are behind-the-scenes yet essential for the successful execution of a project. Being one of the most popular and competitive career choices, project management does not necessarily demand a degree or industry-specific course to prove your potential to be a part of it, though it does give the eligible candidate a helping hand to flourish. Here are a few smart ways to grab the ideal project management job, even with least experience:

  1. Highlight Leadership: Even with zero experience in project management, showing your leadership skills to the hiring authorities is reason enough to grab the opportunity. While putting together your resumé or CV for project manager jobs, ensure highlighting your leadership skills in the previous endeavors to get noticed by the employers.
  2. Get Your Foot in the Door: Start with Junior Project Manager or Project Assistant roles to gain the desired experience and skills to shape up a career in project management. Getting your foot in the door through a junior role will make you visually appealing to the employers and may easily turn into a full-fledged career in project management.
  3. Training or Certification: Look for some training or certification opportunities to highlight your exposure in the industry and on your resume. Those who are holding a bachelor’s degree may pursue an MBA in Project Management. However, if getting another degree is impossible, certification may equally bring enough opportunities to your doorstep.
  4. Attention to Soft Skills: Project management is not only about time and budget management, but it is more about people management. Therefore, mastering the ‘soft skills’ like writing, public speaking, critical thinking, and empathy is a must.
  5. Hard Work & Constant Learning: Even if you hold a degree in project management or certification from the most renowned institute, never ever stop learning. Your willingness to learn and work hard will get employers to notice you and may bring you enough opportunities to learn and earn.

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