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3 Ways to Improve Team Problem-solving Skills

Teams are heavily dependent on project managers for their excellent problem-solving skills. While that is an essential management takeaway, several thinking heads are better than just one. In this article at the Leading with Trust, Randy Conley discusses 3 ways to improve team problem-solving skills.

How Teams Can Improve Their Problem-solving Skills

Conley draws an analogy from his life to explain why you need to improve team problem-solving skills. His wife planted a tree when his father passed away. He forgot to remove the stack that supported the young sapling for two years. Later, he learned that the tree needed to get used to strong winds to create stronger roots on its own. Similarly, you can improve team problem-solving skills by letting them draw their own conclusions instead of protecting them from issues. Following are the tips to mentor, not help, the team growth:

Provoke Them to Think: Project managers have acquired problem-solving skills over the years by working on challenges on their own. So, instead of providing solutions, ask questions, encourage them to come up with ideas, and let them weigh out the available options.

Let Them Decide: If the teammate is a ‘learner’, guide the individual to acquire problem-solving skills. If that person is a ‘doer’, allow the team member to make decisions. If you criticize or doubt every idea they pose or ignore their ideas, you might have a team full of followers with underdeveloped and unstructured thinking abilities.

Allow Them to Fail: Teams might take wrong decisions in the beginning, but do not criticize them or give up on them just yet. Remember that you learned from failed attempts. Sit them down. Make them think over the estimated task goal, the outcome, and the lessons learned from the failure.

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