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3 Vital PDUs for PMPs to Keep Up Their Career Graph

Even after going through a great length of professional achievements, the project management professionals (PMPs) need to endure a list of professional development units (PDUs).

In this article at the Tech Republic, Moira Alexander explains that all certified members of project management are required to do a specified number of PDUs to keep their skills upbeat and mind sharp.

Defining the Indefinite PDUs

PDUs are the measuring units to approved learning and professional service activities. The PDUs are vital after clearing the PMP exams to complete the continuing certification requirements (CCR) cycle and retain PMP certification after three years. Here is a list of PDUs essential for the PMPs:

  1. Learning or Teaching: Education PDUs fall under the skills category of technical, leadership, or strategic growth. This may cover ‘on field’ training courses, organization-wide meetings, digital media marketing, or even reading. The PDUs education activity could be split further into formal or informal groups, and company-wide meetings.
  2. Reading & Informal Learning: Use digital media or online courses to get some self-directed learning options, and gather other informal knowledge.
  3. Volunteering: It is best to give back to society by volunteering some hours and share knowledge with peers or juniors. To find the best volunteer opportunities, be a part of or support committees or Member Advisory Groups (MAGs).

The author further shares the ‘Talent Triangle’ that values employees’ skills, to help you guide through the process of acquiring PDUs. The talent triangle divides the nature of the skills you aim to acquire including technical, leadership, strategic and business management. These skillsets must cover project, program, and portfolio management.

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