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Why Pay Attention to the Most Annoying Team Member?

Almost every team has someone who tends to rebel against common work tactics, business processes, and so on. While many believe such people to be a hindrance to the workflow, some professionals look at the brighter side of it.

In this article at CIO, George Nott shares the example of a corporate executive who had to deal with a difficult team during an office transition after having a successful stint with a pleasant team. While he faced regular frictions or resistance from the team, still he considered it to be an advantage. Let’s explore why:

The Brighter Side

It’s true to believe that the conventional teams are good to work with as they follow the guidelines, are receptive to feedback, and so on. On the contrary, teams with rebels among them can be extremely difficult to deal with on all fronts. However, if you take a deeper look, the most annoying or rebellious team members can offer great many things. Since they have a different approach to tasks, they can bring diverse ideas, unique viewpoints, innovation, and so on. But, is it necessary that you should listen to them? The answer is – Yes! Let’s see why:

  1. Diversity has multiple benefits. According to McKinsey, diverse businesses are 35% more productive and 9% more profitable. Likewise, other MNCs also agree that diversity can bring in better productivity, decision-making, and employee satisfaction. So, learn to embrace diversity with open arms.
  2. It is evidently difficult to manage people with varied personality in a single team. It can create discomfort and friction within the groups and lead to distorted team structure. Thus, it is always better to create a ‘we-dentity’. Create a document that defines the collective identity of the team – the purpose of the business function, behaviors, and conflict management rules to maintain a cordial working environment.

To read the author’s overall viewpoint, click on the following link:

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