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What Do You Mean by Project Success Criteria?

Most technology professionals are often overwhelmed by the concept of project success criteria. The term itself can create a lot of questions for people to think about like—what is it? and what does it comprise? Project success criteria can be defined as the metrics or parameters by which one can judge whether a project is successful or not.

In this article at Girls Guide to PPM, Elizabeth Harrin shares a complete overview of this concept and emphasizes on its relevance for successful project execution.

Why Is It Important?

For IT service-based companies to grow, it is important that they understand what works for them and what doesn’t? They must have a formal definition of failure or success to equate their real-time experience it. Only then will they realize where did they fail, how and why? Thus, defining the project success criteria is highly essential.

The Types

Defining success for your project can be quite a tedious task. There are two types of success criteria:

  1. Project management success criteria defines the execution of the project tasks.
  2. Project deliverable success criteria defines the final goals or results expected from the project.

How to Create Success Criteria?

Make the success criteria a part of your project charter or project initiation document. List out everything related to it – the name of the criteria, measuring metrics, frequency of measurement, assigned person, and so on. Ensure that you get this document signed by the respective stakeholders to keep them well informed about the strategies and goals.

How to Measure?

There are 2 ways to measure the success criteria. Either it can be a simple ‘yes/no’ option or a target specified range. Once the criteria are set and measured initially, create a baseline of the present performance and improve upon it thereafter as you move along the project.

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