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Tips to Turn One-Time Buyers into Loyalists

A customer who invests in your products or services once has the potential to become your lifelong customer and make repeat purchases. However, there is also a fair chance of these repeat customers to turn their back towards you and never revisit. Selling is a risky business, indeed.

In this article at Business2Community, Brandon Brown explains that repeat customers can generate three times more revenue as compared to the new buyers. Therefore, make sure that your first-time shoppers are your repeat customers and develop loyalty towards your brand.

Plan Your Game Right

To stay ahead of the curve, it is far more essential to out-smart your competitors by providing a level of service that they cannot match. Also, strategize your act in a manner that helps you win the customers for life. Here are a few suggestions to do so:

  1. Know Your Customers Well: Your first interaction with customers should have a lasting impact on them ensuring their revisit. All you need to do is know them well to deliver the kind of experience they expect. Analyze their demographic data while finding more about their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. It will help you get better ideas for creating more touch points with them and establish a stronger bonding that lasts longer.
  2. Analyze & Optimize: Pick the right tools to analyze the shopping experience of the customers. Find the trouble areas or products, see if they were well informed about the products or services and know their preferences. Data tracking will tell you if they were indecisive or hesitant at any point. Pay attention and try to learn a lot from session analysis and then you can work on optimizing the experience.
  3. Treat them as Business Partners: Learn what they think about certain procedures and policies you have built into your business. Conduct surveys and ask questions from a particular subset of customers. If there are any changes you are planning to incorporate into your usual business practices, let them know in advance. Explain your rationale and listen to what they have to say. When you go for win-win strategies, you earn the trust of your customers.
  4. Segment & Prioritize: Since all customers are not the same, smartly recognize the big sharks who would love to spend most on your products and services. It pays to be more attentive to them because big buyers appreciate the attention.
  5. Seek Feedback Constantly: Feedback can bring even the smallest issues to the fore. Therefore, keep seeking feedback from the customers to make room for improvements. Once you get their feedback, make sure you act on them immediately to make the required adjustments. Also, give an immediate response to the customer queries.

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