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4 Ways to Make Your Team More Focused

Time management is a crucial aspect of your work. For long, people have been advocating different theories and practices for employees to manage time and maintain a work-life balance. However, going by recent studies, industry experts believe ‘attention management’ not ‘time management’ to be the biggest hindrance to a productive life at work. It often happens that employees get so distracted with emails, groups chats, texts, and so on from colleagues or friends that they lose focus on work. Thanks to the new-age digital advancements!

In this article at The Enterprises Project, Jane Piper showcases how 4 different approaches or methods can help people focus better and deal with the problems at work more efficiently.

The Dilemma

While dealing with the issue of attention at work, the leaders are often left with a difficult choice of what do they prefer –instant response or long-term worth? Though the option of ‘an instant responsive team’ is lucrative enough, it may end up stressing out and demotivating the team leading to reduced attention. Thus, the author advocates the concept of ‘long-term worth’. Here’s how to implement it:

Be the Change

While initiating the culture change, start with yourself. Your actions will have a better effect on the team rather than your words. A multi-tasking leader can expect the team to follow him better while dealing with multiple priorities.

Concentration Zones

Many companies have set specific time zones for conducting meetings and exchanging emails (official or general). The remaining time is purely dedicated to execute tasks or manage projects.

Keep the Motivation High

Employees tend to focus more on their work when they love what they are doing. So, keep the creativity levels high and appreciate individual contributions to maintain the team’s spirit.

The Critical Goals

As a leader, define limited goals for the team members and help them chase it. Don’t let the team get involved in too many projects or tasks simultaneously else they are likely to lose focus. To read the original article in full, click on the link here –

Priyanka Chakraborty

Priyanka Chakraborty is a content specialist, currently a part of CAI Info India. She holds diverse experience in content writing spanning domains like Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Photography, Website Design, Career Advancement, etc. In the past, she has worked with the leading job portal of India,, and then moved on to a UK-based online education company, Shaw Academy, before joining CAI India. A writer by day and a reader by night, she loves to explore her creative instincts further in art and painting.

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