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3 Tips to Sail Through an Enterprise Marketing Project

Working for a big client on a marketing project is lucrative and rewarding for an organization. However, it may not be an easy sail. From strict guidelines to unlimited protocols and legal approvals, the project managers need to constantly manage multiple stakeholders who may have diverse goals.

In this article at Marketing Daily Advisor, Liz Alton explains that the devil is always in the details of such high profile marketing projects.

Creating Brand Value

Big clients are the real source of better or much-anticipated opportunities for the project managers, in-house creatives, developers, and consultants. An organized approach to optimize the process along with the right team, without losing focus on communication and generating desired results is the key to success. Here are three ways to help you prevent some unfortunate challenges on your way:

  1. Upfront Process Design: It is best to invest adequate time and energy in an open process design. To meet the requirements of your big client, moving in their speed is mandatory. Have a well-designed process to keep things going smoothly and include a contingency plan to combat unfortunate issues.
  2. 3 Key Positions: Having the right people onboard is vital for the scoping and scaling of big projects. Therefore, hire a client success manager to understand the client’s vision perfectly and actively coordinate with the stakeholders. Also, assign the project to a project manager with an eagle eye view to monitor the project schedule, efficiency to chase deadlines, and follow up with the stakeholders. Finally, keep a highly efficient strategist aside to help you create mind-blowing marketing concepts for the client.
  3. Communicate & Document: As big firms have multiple stakeholders, it is pivotal to document your progress and impact constantly. Also, remain active in communicating issues and positive progress in the project process to the stakeholders.

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